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We-Love-Anime Image Gallery
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           Labyrinth of Flames   [72 pictures]
           Laid-Back Camp   [81 pictures]
           Laputa Castle in the Sky   [73 pictures]
           Last Exile   [120 pictures]
           Last Exile -Fam The Silver Wing-   [173 pictures]
           Last Period The Journey to the End of the Despair   [77 pictures]
           Law of Ueki   [68 pictures]
           Legend of Basara   [58 pictures]
           Legend of Himiko   [96 pictures]
           Legend of the Galactic Heroes Die Neue These   [81 pictures]
           Legend of the Millennium Dragon   [516 pictures]
           Les Miserables   [40 pictures]
           Level E   [99 pictures]
           Licensed by Royal   [46 pictures]
           Linebarrels of Iron   [79 pictures]
           Little Busters   [140 pictures]
           Little Busters Refrain   [75 pictures]
           Little Witch Academia   [100 pictures]
           Log Horizon   [165 pictures]
           Log Horizon 2   [192 pictures]
           Lord of Vermilion The Crimson King   [72 pictures]
           Lost Universe   [118 pictures]
           Lostorage Incited WIXOSS   [52 pictures]
           Louie the Rune Soldier   [82 pictures]
           Loups=Garous   [41 pictures]
           Love Hina   [98 pictures]
           Love Live   [92 pictures]
           Love Stage   [80 pictures]
           Love and Lies   [83 pictures]
           Lovely Complex   [161 pictures]
           Luck and Logic   [147 pictures]
           Lucky Star   [48 pictures]
           Lupin   [52 pictures]
           Lupin III - Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna   [107 pictures]
           Lupin the 3rd Part 4   [60 pictures]